Sunday, November 4, 2007

Written Update For 03 Nov 2007

The episode starts with Rohit saying Mika he said judges comments not important & he dances for Janta.


Vinod Kambli dances with Aadesh’s choreographer Tina. After the performance he says JDJ is rocking & d bets show. They show Janta’s view regarding Jay, Ronit, Sudha & Prachi. All the four actors give their take on it.

Prachi-Saved-3rd Highest votes


Jay-Danger Zone



Rohit says Jay that he has got 3rd lowest votes.

Jay-Safe-Thanks to the Judges

Mona asks Sudha & Sonali to step forward. Rohit & Mona say a few words about the two. Rohit says any one of them are going to say Alvida to this stage. Mona asks Jeetu to announce the name. Jeetu says he can’t believe this & announces the name.


Everyone is shocked. Sonali says this can’t happen.

Shamaik says he can’t understand this show. He is upset & shock. Mona says everyone is shock. A short clip of Sudha’s journey so far is shown. Sudha says she has grown in Jhalak while Uma says he will be honest he expected to be in the show for more 3-4 weeks. He would take this opportunity to thank Sudha & says she is a winner.

The episode ends with Uma & Sudha’s performance on the song Rama Ho.

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