Saturday, October 27, 2007

27 Oct 2007 Watch Online/download links

27 Oct 2007 Watch Online/download links

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Cyrus Eliminated

Friday, October 26, 2007

Written Update For 26 th Oct 2007

Rishi kapoor,neetu singh n Anil kapoor were d guest judges!

starts with Cyrus he danced on "ticket 2 hollywood"!

Shiamak n Jeetu dint liked his performace much he got 19 points!

Prachi desai danced on "O mere sapna k saudagar"!all loved her performance, naman n prachi`s mom came 2 see her performance.....naman tells dat from dis song i remember d scene of kasam se shoot when we were shooting for dis song i have 2 kiss on prachi`s cheek but she was very shy @ dat time! prachi says i m still shy...n all laughs! prachi got 27 points!

3rd came Jay he did a blind act dance! all luved his performance, jay told 2 anil kapoor dat sonam n i was in d same class! jay asked neetu 2 dance with him....she danced with him....jay got 25 points!!! jay danced on paisa phenk tamasha dekh!

next was ronit roy...he dance "tum or hum hum or tum"!jeetendra doesnt like hiis performance much n was disappointed.... rohit hugged ronit n told i just missed my dad 2day rohit cried....... other judges liked his performance he 2 got 25 points!!!

jeetu n rishi came n danced on d stage after so many years... urmila also joined dem..anil kaoppr goes on stage n finds earing of urmila dere!he gives back 2 urmila!urmila laughed n said my shoes was not on stage(like cindrella) but my earing was there!

Sandya danced on kuch na kaho!anil kapoor acted dat how in dis song i have 2 kiss manisha! he tells u missed it d kiss in dis song...sandya tells my mom is here.... anil tells dat we have many retakes for d kissing scenes n retakes was abt 22 times..anil kapoor further tells i have 2 hold manisha in 1 scene but i fall when i picked her.....! all just luved sandhya`s peformance sandya requested 2 dance with her on my name is lakhan!konkona came n gave surprised 2 sandhya! she got 28 points marks! urmila gave her 10!!

Sudha was next she danced on paisa paisa! shiamak was telling in english which anil translated in hindi shaimak told 1 shaer for sudha! jeetu gave 10 2 sudha ..she got 28 points!

negi danced on yeh jo mohabbat hai! his danced was beautiful!judges said beautiful!!shaimak said u was lit bit nervous!he got 23 points!

sonali was next she danced on meri deewani! she got very good comments..shaimak said affreen means beautiful she got 26 points

mika was next,mika said i dont care wht judges think of me!!! mika danced on ganpat,mika danced quite good....if i m not wrong mika have sung this song???n he did again dat neck hilana act! offence 2 his fans!!!!
jeetu said we dont criticise u when u do good we say u r good! n u r progressing...urmila said i will not say anything in my comments as mika judge by himself..... mika said urmila comments r good as she always encourages us sumtimes in punjabi sumtimes in english!he says i m a big fan of urmila , shaimak said u did good becoz of we r judges we tell u whts wrong n whts right!shaimak said u reapeated thrice dat i dont care wht d judges said....shaimak wa sangry with mika!

mika sang song jannay do na 2 convince judges!n in green room all r dancing including cyrus!mika said i hope i will get 9 from all judges! shimak gave 7 n he waas angry,urmila 8 n jeetu 8....23 points!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

13 Oct 2007 Watch Online / Download Links


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Tapur is Out

12 Oct 2007 Watch Online / Download Links


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Part 3 >>> Coming soon <<<>pray

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12 Oct 2007 Episode - Written Updates

Ronit danced to 'Bachna Aye Hasino'
Shaimak - 7
Urmila - 8
Jeetu - 8
Total - 23
Rank : 3

Cyrus danced to Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba
Sorry, will post his scores as soon as I remember

Prachi danced to 'Hai Rama Rama ho' from Lucky
Shaimak : 8
Urmila : 8
Jeetu : 9
Total : 25
Rank : 1

Sudha & Uma danced to 'Tumse Achcha Kaun hai'
Shaimak : 8
Urmila : 8
Jeetu : 8
Total : 24
Rank : 2

Mika danced -
Shaimak : 4
Urmila : 5
Urmila : 5

Total : 13

Jay danced to 'Saara Zamaana Hasino ko Deewana'
Shaimak : 8
Urmila : 8
Jeetu : 8

Total : 24
Rank : 2

Tapur danced , but sorry dont remember her scores..
will update soon !

Sandhya and Javed danced to 'Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai' -
Shaimak : 8
Urmila :8
Jeetu : 7

Total : 23
Rank : 3

Negi and Marischa danced to 'Pyar bina chain kaha re'

Shaimak : 7
Urmila : 7
Jeetu : 7

Total : 21
Rank : 4

Sonali and Toby -
Shaimak : 5
Urmila : 6
Jeetu : 6

Total - 17

Saturday, October 6, 2007

06 Oct 2007 Watch Online/download links

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Written Update >> CLICK HERE <<

Written Update For 6th Oct 2007 Episode

start with mona ask eveerybody how r u feeling dey says nervous!

mona calls amit n prashant for singing...amit sang bheegai bheegi yaadein bheegi!..prashant song i dont rememeber!..minni was happy 2 see dem!

rohit asks judges who will b out..urmila told adesh or mika!

jeetu said tapur or cyrus!

shaimak told adesh!

now who r safe d list r!

1st was negi his partner! safe

prachi safe!

jay safe

mika safe

ronit safe

sandya safe

sudha safe

danger zone!

adesh, sonali, mini, tapur!

safe was tapur......

mini was also safe!

danger zone 2

adesh and sonali......

sonali adesh is out....all hugged him...shiama also hugged him... dey showed his danced in d end!!!


Friday, October 5, 2007

Written updates for 5 th O

start with mona n rohit comes , after dat dey call all d judges 1 by 1!... mona n rohit calls all d contestants!....

the theme was samba dance..n dey chereographers danced n showed d samba dance!

1 contestant was sandya ..dey show her flashbacks of dancing n dere vivek oberoi came 2 meet her...she sees him n becomes happy.. vivek wishes her all d best...sandya tells he is my bestfrnd!

sandya comes for dance performance with javed (cheoreographer) she danced on kiss of love from jbj.. she did a fab dance!

coments by judges, jeetendra like her performance n gave her 8 points, shiamak aslo said fab but complained 1 thing... dat u were slipping so much... just b careful, he gave her 7, n urmila said performance n she gave 8..... her equal marks was 23!

next contesant was jay..... dey showed d rehearsal where, mini said he is a big flirt.... jay says minni is really cute n sweet...jay says minni is my hrithik..n minni says he is my ceileena jaitley! now d performance turn! dey danced on janay bhi do yaaro from hey baby!.... all liked his performance ..he got 7 from shiamak.... 8 from urmila n 7 from jeetu! n total makes it 22!

next contestant dey showed is minni mathur! dey showed her in rehearsal where says everytime while rehearsing i fall but i never loose hope n my cheoreographer is very good ..i have a comfort level with him! now d performance turn she danced on crazy kiya re.... all liked her performance..but i thought she was really slow! she got 21! jeetu said u told dat u can compare very easily.. but now u can dance even when u r sleeping! minni says yes first i was scared 2 dance but now i loved it.. her cheorographer said dat she calls me in d morning @ 5 n tells come for rehearsals....!

next contestant was mika.. he comes with her cheorographer n dances on kitna akarti hai from d film khiladi!...jeetu said he did a good dance last time he was not wearing good clothes also but 2day he is looking liks a dancer, n other judges also told dat very good performance!mika says last time i was angry dats y i have done hardwork...shiamak says much improvement...... mika says 2 urmila dat i m big fan of urs..n tries2 flirt with her!he sings song..he sings humsay dosti urmila also sings humnay tumsay dosti karli!n shakes hand with mika!now scores time.. shaimak gave him 7 so is urmila... jeetu 2 gave 7..his total marks was 21!

next contestant was prachi desai....dey showed her rehearsal where her cheoreogrpher was upset with prachi doesnt takes dance serioulsy... but he says she gets less time but we will try our best , n now d performannce turn..prachi n deepak (cheoreogrpher) danced on mahiya from the train! she danced quite well..@ d end of performance she started crying becoz she thought she was stiff... urmila gives her thumbs up n told last time i dint saw prachi dancing it was only bani! but 2day u was dancing like a girl who dance on brazil roads! jeetu said superb..shiamak says deepak have changed u in a super star! shiamak says tumhara paseena chamkega ..mona ask r u happy..prachi says yes! mona ask b4r ur performace u was abt 2 cry..prachi say si become nervous.. shiamak gave her 7, urmila 8..jeetu gives 8... dat makes 23!

next was adesh srivastav..dey showed his rehearsal..where she says ur eneergy level was very slow... adesh says dont teach me so her cheoreographer starts crying... so adesh sees her n starts 2 dance more efficiently!... dey dance on badaltay sitaray lapaytay huay! he danced very boring!urmila said u remind me of shammi kapoor... shaimak davar says 2 tina(cheoreographer) despite u have a fever u gave us fever ...very nice! jeetu also said good n gave 2 examples!adesh in d green room sang song for urmila urmila o urmila..he says i was quite tensed b4r!...shiamak gave 7 urmila gave 7 jeetu gave 7n its makes 21!

next was sudha chandra..dey showed her rehearsals where ..she was dancing quite good..his cheoreogrpaher told i compromise sometimes but she is a good dancer! dey comes for a dance!she danced on leke pehla pehla pyaar..she is dancing very well!shiamak said jhakas....shiamk says wonderful!urmila goes 2 her n gives her a flower!she says i dont have words 2 say..superb! ..she got 9 from shiamak ,9 from urmila n 8 from jeetu..his toltal scoreswas 26!

next was cyrus..dey showed him rehearsing seriously!now d dance turn he danced on julie julie!urmila was laughing n said lovely,she compliments his chereographer...shiamak says very good!but u can improve more! jeetu also says very very good!~!in d green room cryrus said i went for hair dressing! scores turn...shaimak gave 7 urmila 7 n jeetu also 7...dat makes 21!

sonali was d next contestant..dey showed her rehearsals!his chereographer told see in my eyes!sonali becomes upset as she is not able 2 dance..she says i m quite tensed as d judges have expectations from me... dey come for dance on ek ajnabee!from d film ek ajnabi!!!rohit says 2 dem jeetu waswiating for u..jeetu says very good dance! sonali says for d 1st time have weared tigered dress! urmila says u r dignified n graceful! urmila said it was quite well!shaimak said u was good but u was shaking ur hip but ur chereographer was doing someother dance..but u did a good performance!shiamak gave 7, urmila gave 8,jeetu gave 8! dat makes 23!

next was negi....dey showed d rehearsals!negi says d dance is
quite tough! d chereographer said him 2 do uthak baithak! d dance turn dey danced on!o jaana from tere naam,he danced very slow i mean no movement!shiamak says ur danced was good but last time ur performance was more powerful...jeetu says brilliant,i dont know whether u r teacher or he is ur teacher.... urmila says i liked ur performance!shiamak gave 7,urmila 8,jeetu gave 9!

next is her rehearsals...d chereographer changed dance steps in last minute..she got d dance turn....she danced on aisajadu daala re remix from khakkee... she is doing a fantastic dance!urmila said superb,she says u did a samba walk very good as its not easy!jeetu says is it was u or ur sister? wht u danced last time was not ur dance she did a fab job..shiamak said mind blowing improvement n he gave her a kiss!urmila gives her a name piethan!shiamak davar gave 8,urmila 8 jeetu gave 8! last time she got 15 n she cried on dat time!

next is ronit`s turn..dey were doing d rehearsals when..ronit says when she says something 2 me i aagree on dat den y when i tell her something she disagrees.... d chereographer says he is so stubborn...ronit says u r also stubborn dey dance on oh haseena zulfoo wali janay jahan!urmila says foot work was less..over all performance was tremendus! jeetu says gr8! shaimak said much much better, he says lit bit steps was missing... but i like ur performance...ronit said my chereographer was unwell.. n 2 dat time iwas dancing..but i will keep in mind next time 2 dance well! ronit gets a surprise... neelam n his daughter comes..n he gets happy!dey ask neelam how was d dance? neelam says good!ronit says i thought i got ferrari as a surprise! d scores time! shiamak gave 8,urmila 9 jeetu gave 8 n total was 25!

in d end dey give d quick recap of performances by d contestants!